Data Marketing Solutions

Market unendingly changes and marketing trends hard day by day. There are more than 118 million corporate institutions or enterprises in China and SME market enjoys a broad prospect. Relying on own huge business  database, Ease Credit provides online B2B marketing services, and helps enterprises improve customer acquisition capability & efficiency and develop the SME market, and also assists SMEs with developing B2B market.

Online B2B marketing services of Ease Credit present such advantages as more complete data (including total and real-time data of Chinese small and micro businesses), more subdivision dimensionalities (including but not limited to industry, region, registered capital, establishment date, and other fields), and provision of big data-driven customized marketing services.

Online B2B marketing services of Ease Credit include new customer acquisition, business directory optimization, key account marketing, insight into target market, and marketing consultation service.

New Customer Acquisition

Via Ease Credit online data service, enterprises can fast lock the subject customer according to the key words such as industry, region, registered capital, establishment date, etc., and quickly enhance their capability for customer acquisition.

Business Directory Optimization

The information on customers and potential customers changes quickly and has to be cleared up, matched and updated promptly in order to guarantee the maximum marketing efficiency. Ease Credit online data include the latest and promptest name and address information of enterprises and even can match industry, registered capital and many other fields to help you analyze market.

Key Account Marketing

20% customers can provide you with 80% earnings. Online data of Ease Credit help you thoroughly grasp the group family trees and rivals of 20% key customers and also can provide various customized lists and directories.

Insight into Target Market

Via Ease Credit online data service, enquiring about the number of enterprises in the target market in accordance with industry, region, scale, etc., and analyzing the volume of target market in order to determine the marketing resources to be injected

Marketing Consultation Service

Providing guidance information, e.g. growth and recession of industry and activeness of regional economy for marketing strategy via analysis of macro economy; analyzing market entities and finding out trend information and summing up information via using subdivision of different dimensionalities (including industry, region and time)