Ease Credit is the leading B2B big data service company in China, and dedicated to promoting online credit information service and helping customers acquire information in more rapid and inexpensive ways so that they can make more correct and efficient credit extension decision.

Online Credit Publicity
Ease Credit gathers and sums up credit publicity information of governments and AIC in different regions so as to facilitate customers’ more rapid and convenient enquiry. Relevant information is principally acquired from regional credit publicity websites, including but not limited to business registration information, shareholders’ information, etc.

Business Credit Profile

When the credit sales limit or period applied by customers exceeds certain standard, credit analysis based on more information is necessary. Besides credit publicity information, Ease Credit integrates development history, external investment, litigation records, administrative penalty records, trademark & patent information and even operating information of enterprises in order to facilitate enterprises to make more correct and efficient credit sales decision.

Online Credit Monitoring

When some customer makes credit sale repeatedly in one year or its credit sale lasts for as long as 6 months or above, its credit standing shall be monitored at any time, and credit terms shall be adjusted promptly according to any significant change.

The online credit monitoring services provided by Ease Credit includes but not limited to the following information: business registration information, shareholders’ information, external investment, litigation records, government public records (honor roll and black list), announcement of listed company, trademarks and patents, other important news, etc.

Business Association Enquiry

It is necessary to make business-business or business-individual equity-based association enquiry in case of group credit extension, or avoidance of associated transaction risk or negotiation on accounts collection.

Business association enquiry of Ease Credit is based on the most authoritative information of shareholders and senior management’s appointments registered with the AIC, and can provide the information of related parties in relatively correct and complete ways so that the risks arising from associated transaction, credit fraud, etc. can be effectively evaded.