Ease Credit is the leading online B2B big data service company in China and is dedicated to providing more rapid and inexpensive online credit information and commercial information services as well as customized risk management solutions in order to give full play to big data risk control capability, help enterprises effectively prevent and lower credit risk, and assist enterprises with making more correct and efficient credit extension decisions.

With the domestically leading institution database, Ease Credit gains vast information from Internet, government open-source data and other public sources, and has established nationwide information gathering and spot visit sources. Relying on own data and technical strength, Ease Credit provides enterprises and institutions with 7*24-hour free online database enquiry services in order to help them lower transaction risk and increase marketing efficiency.

The products and services of Ease Credit are successfully constructed on the basis of China’s largest business online credit information service database-Ease Credit Business Credit Information Service Online Platform (www.easecredit.cn), which gathers and dynamically updates the information of more than 70 million various market entities. Ease Credit energetically participates in national credit system construction, aiming to safeguard and promote the progress of social fair dealing.

Ease Credit will help you select the valuable customers via business online credit management services and realize the current value of the existing customers through all kinds of credit reports. Ease Credit provides complete information, decision making and technical support for your credit management, marketing expansion, industry analysis and competition monitoring by combining our business credit reports and trade credit solutions, financial credit solutions, compliance due diligence solutions and other related data management technology and credit management services. Our real-time information updating and management process can guarantee the information accuracy to the greatest extent. Ease Credit can provide correct and complete information of associated enterprises relying on institution data characteristics and unique data matching and retrieval techniques for corporate association enquiry in order that the risks arising from associated transactions, credit fraud, etc. can be effectively avoided.