Compliance investigation on commercial trade credit

Along with constantly rising business credit risks, enterprises might encounter business partners with improper operating performances under the circumstance of commercial trade credit. However, how to avoid the possible credit risk from cooperation with them in order to reduce brand negative effect and reputation loss caused by compliance risk? and how to evade possible material financial loss and even legal sanction or supervision penalty?

In order to cope with these issues, more and more enterprises commence to construct the compliance risk management organization system and management process catering to their own for the purpose of selecting business partners in more compliant and scrupulous ways. Meantime, the third party’s compliance screening of partners becomes one of the key factors for optimizing management and improving working efficiency in order to respond to the compliance requirements imposed by international enterprises of globalized management on obeying American Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), British Bribery Act and other relevant laws and criteria.

Value of compliance due diligence reports

  • Concept Transmission

Transmitting customers’ compliance spirits and concepts to Subject and seeking more stable and healthy business development of both sides.

  • Risk Assessment

Judging Subject’s compliance normalization and existing risk according to on-site investigation and external information.

  • On-site Investigation

Senior due diligence investigators make face-to-face interview of Subject via spot visit.

  • Multi-source Verification

Verifying information via government public sources and Ease Credit’s platform.