Credit Risk Management of SME Financing

Imperfect credit systems of SME; banks’ credit unwillingness to SME

Market economy is credit economy, and business credit concerns whether market can realize effective operation and healthy development. Nowadays, some medium and small enterprises in China severely lack credit. They not only default bank loans but also evade bank debts in various excuses. On this account, the majority banks are reluctant to extend loans to SMEs and the financing ability of SMEs gets weakened to some extent.
SMEs can hardly meet security guarantee conditions of bank loan; with low financial management level, they are faced with high loan risks. As a result, banks usually do not show big enthusiasm of loan issuing.

Financial credit solutions of Ease Credit can effectively accelerate credit conferring approval process by partial automatic and batched approval, and identify false and associated guarantee and bogus rivals in transaction, and recognize associated enterprises and relations of group members in order to considerably cut credit investigation cost.

1. Credit investigation on rivals of trade financing customers
2. On-the-spot investigation on small enterprises before loan
3. Credit investigation on upstream and downstream enterprises of IPO and M&A customers
4. Equipment financing post-loan inspection
5. Business malicious information monitoring after loan

Customer Returns

Understanding business compliance risk in complete and timely ways, quickly confirming business authenticity, promptly evade fraud risk, compliance risk or joint liability, and effectively finding out and eliminating bribery and other litigation risks.

Efficiently supplementing and solving information asymmetry, and helping assess qualifications of upstream and downstream enterprises of core customers and associated transactions of credit risk prevention.

Improving approval efficiency and safety, greatly reducing cost, and more facilitating market promotion.

Promptly grasping important events or negative information of enterprises, saving human power of financial institutions and strengthening monitoring, and discovering risk as soon as possible in order to take measures early.