Service Tenets:

KYC Investigation

Ease Credit supports enquiry about business registration and shareholders information and litigation records, and helps financial institutions verify company profile and information of shareholders, rivals and other associated enterprises, building up the first risk firewall for financial institutions.

Credit Risk Investigation:
Ease Credit provides business credit risk reports for customers and helps financial institutions understand business credit risk via gathering and integrating business general information obtained from public sources. Pertinent to trade financing business, Ease Credit investigates the profile, trade credit information, operating status, changes, negative information, etc. of upstream and downstream enterprises of core enterprises and help financial institutions assess credit extension, etc.

On-the-Spot Credit Investigation Service (SV)

On-the-sport credit investigation service (SV service) of Ease Credit provides pre-loan on-the-spot investigation, leased equipment inspection, mortgage registration on commission basis and other on-the-spot investigation and tasks for financial institutions, and assists them increase process efficiency and reduce cost.

Pre-loan on-the-spot investigation:

Helping financial institutions gather and organize field data before credit extension to enterprises, and providing financial institutions with the best information support for their credit extension decisions Leased equipment inspection: assisting financial and equipment leasing customers with investigating and tracking equipment installation situation, service condition and equipment status of equipment lessees, and guaranteeing leasers’ rights and interests
Mortgage registration on commission basis: helping financial customers finish mortgage (including such collaterals as goods, equipment, vehicles, real estates, etc. owned by credit receivers) registration with the local AIC, and protecting the rights and interests of credit receivers

Post-loan Risk Monitoring:

Based on own 7X24 online business database service platform, Ease Credit conducts real-time tracking of database, and collects and dynamically updates around 70 million various market entities. It integrates multiple characteristic information sources such as external investment, enquiry about Legal Representative, litigation and execution records, registration information monitoring, etc. to help enterprises understand customers in more complete and efficient ways so that they can make more correct credit decision.

Ease Credit has greatly increased business enquiry efficiency by integrating the credit publicity information in all the provinces and cities nationwide, and also can provide dynamic and real-time risk monitoring.