7*24-Hour Real-Time Service

Ease Credit owns the domestically leading institution database

Ease Credit owns the domestically leading institution database. Data resources constitute the business basis of various solutions and relevant products and services. As a result, Ease Credit gathers and manages data resources via inputting a large quantity of capital and human power each year. With wide business in-depth information gathering sources, Ease Credit makes a complete and in-depth tracking of operating status of around 2 million active enterprises each year.

High-quality data services

Ease Credit provides customers with high-quality data services, and provides powerful support for credit risk management, marketing management, and business macro decision making via collecting and integrating diverse open data sources. Ease Credit insists on providing customers’ demand-oriented products, and guarantees excellent users’ experience by making use of advanced technological means. Our online data service platform adopts the leading system in the industry as technological basis in order to provide large-scale real-time application for customers. Ease Credit establishes nationwide information gathering and spot visit sources via vast information obtained from internet, government open-source data and other public sources.

Nationwide investigation offices

Meantime, our full-time credit analysts and information verification team and nationwide investigation offices obtain the primary data via direct visit to Subject and enterprises making business transactions with Subject and financial institutions. Relying on own data and technical strength, Ease Credit provides enterprises and institutions with 7*24-hour free online database enquiry services so as to lower transaction risk and increase marketing efficiency. Please browse or download various credit services in our database via www.easecredit.cn at any time.