Online Credit Information Service Platform

7*24-hour online platform of Ease Credit, one of the significant unique products of business credit report service, gathers the information of leading enterprises in all the industries of Mainland China and fully integrates our advantageous resources in terms of information sources, database, database management technology and service experience, boasting extremely high reference and application values.

The fact that some enterprises excessively concentrate in certain industries because they are screened purely according to business size while the leading enterprises in some other industries (which play a decisive role in national economy) are ignored has been effectively avoided

1、Strong sustained profitability and high quality investee

2、Benchmark enterprises which affect and even control the competition pattern and development trend of the industry

3、Making a comprehensive understanding of related enterprises and industry background with the help of these business information and realizing a more complete analysis of situation of enterprises and industry

4、Screening and assessing high-quality cooperative partners and finding out appropriate cooperation opportunity

5、Tracking and understanding the operating and development status of key rivals, customers and suppliers, and making effective business decision